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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an age old discipline which has become very relevant in the modern world. Before we dump it as old fashioned or claim it to be of the spiritual world, fit for only rishis and maharshis, we have to ask ourselves the question What is yoga?
Yoga is not simple physical exercise and one does not have to sweat it out like jogging or push ups. We are going away from this world of rush and hurry when we are on the path of yoga. Yoga brings us back the peace that we have lost in the rat race. It gives us the mental peace that no other practice can give.
We are going after healthy foods, relaxation centres and religious prayers in the hope that they will give us a little peace. Yoga works both externally as well as internally. The exercises of Yoga, when done slowly and gently makes one aware of the 'prana' that flows through us. It is our life-giver, the breath that sustains us.
By controlling this vital breath man can control his mind,his emotions and be free from any worry that beset him. Once we have enjoyed the real fruits of yoga, then nothing in the world can stop us from embracing it forever.

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