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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Brain Dump

This is a conflicting time of the year, one that always baffles me......I find it amazing the amount of people who wait for the New year to resolve to make changes within their lives. Then again many find it strange that I introspect as much as I do. In all honesty I wasn't always so devoted to my well being (elements of the mind and heart melded together). Some would call the time you would take to delve into your psyche a waste...... Years ago I used to dump whatever I was feeling, thinking, rationalizing as deep down inside as I could. I figured if you buried it deep enough, it would stay buried. Unfortunately our humanity doesn't allow us that luxury for long. I ended up having an overload of memories, pain, sorrow - flow into my daily life. Quite frankly there was no more room in the inn upstairs, or within me........My storehouse closed down....almost permanently. I remember doing the resolutions, promising myself the changes I would bring about, the dreams that would finally come true. Perhaps it could be said: I set my goals too high, I dreamed too big, I wasn't ready for life and didn't have a clue where to begin.....the list goes on for excuses and reasons of the pitying sort. The reality is our bodies are not meant to be dumps. We need to feel our pain, our joy, our failures as well as our successes in life. What I'm trying to say is welcome the New Year, but make your life a resolution; not just one day of the year when it seems appropriate. I find these days I clean the cobwebs from the recesses of my mind quite frequently and allow who I am to shine through. I tend to my hopes and dreams like a gardener, I weed the disillusions and distraught from time to time. Yet nourish and water my hopes and love giving it the enrichment it needs to grow. Most importantly I quiet the noise inside my head, so I can listen and truly hear what resides in my heart. So this year my friends , don't let your mind become a dumping ground for who you are. Open up the doors and allow that spirit that is you, see the world through crystal clear eyes and open wounds. We will always find pain and sorrow to be a part of our lives. It's our choice if those are the only things we ever feel. I hope you choose to allow all the love, peace, sincerity, compassion and good will that comes with it as well a room in your inn.......You can never feel too much, love too much, hurt too much, it's a given with your humanity. It's your choice how you live with it, in misery or acceptance.

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