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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meaning of success

First of all i would say success has different meaning for different people. Every human person has his own definition of success. For some person success means acquiring all the physical luxury of life. For some success means leaving all the physical luxury for the spiritual gain. For some, success means reaching the top post of a multinational & for some it may be helping the most competent man to reach the top post of the same organization. For some success means, living life never compromising on the values & beliefs which they believe in & for some it means breaking all the values & belief for getting whatever they want. List goes on. As far as I am concerned success is not about winning or loosing. It''s also not about getting anything or I would put it more appropriately acquiring anything because i know one hard fact of the law of nature, what is today will not be tomorrow. So for me dear friend success means a temporary phase of ecstasy which regularly comes in short intervals in small phases. Like when i write something & somebody likes it, it’s a success for me. I feel successful when i give some advice to my friend & they get benefit out of it. I feel successful when I find everybody around me accepting injustice for the fear of repercussion & I garner enough courage to resist it. I think success can never be a permanent phase, for everybody it comes in different forms in different times. I have seen lot of my friends cribbing about not very successful in life & I try to explain them DO NOT COUNT SUCCESS AS ONE BIG PERMANENT HAPPENING, COUNT YOUR MOMENTS WHEN YOU WERE HAPPY, WHEN YOU FEEL ELATED, WHEN YOUR HEART WAS FILLED WITH JOY, WHEN YOU FEEL VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACHIEVMENTS HOWEVER LITTLE THEY WERE.The moments of success would be in thousands & feeling of failure will be very few. So with these findings are we all not successful. I think we all are.


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