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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Science and Ethics

After the onset of the Modern Age, once modern science began to set in, it did not take long before humanity began to wonder about the ethical responsibilities of scientists towards their discoveries and their derived applications. Many researchers consider science as completely neutral; therefore, scientists cannot be responsible nor should they bear any liability for the technology they create and much less for its application.

On the other hand, some feel scientists are responsible not only as such but also as a segment of the society in which they carry out their work.
Modern science (techno-science) receives constant praise for the benefits it continually provides, whereas neither eventual failures nor harmful applications ever appear to derive from scientific work.

No human activity, not even science, is exempt from ethical responsibilities. Scientists therefore are accountable for each decision they make, more so if freedom exists to select from several options. They should be liable for both the beneficial as well as the harmful consequences.

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