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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Expression to Love

We are moving around different spheres related to our capabilities.But have we ever imagined the definition of love?what is love?Why people do love actually?What they do when they are in love?I got some answers experineces through my life.I got hurt when poor peoples are in trouble from childhood.It means i have feelings for them & that is love.But the most difficult love is for opposite sex.If you are true to your love then you must endure pain.Love to opposite sex is nothing but a strong feelings that can't be controlled & full of huge emotions.We need a extremely private one who can share our feelings and who can take care us and so we make love.When we are in love we share feelings,do sex with emotions,we take care each other.Now the thing I wanna tell that I have a one too whom I love tremendously,whom I care extremely.But what I get from her?I get nothing if i don't give anything.If I give 90% she give 10%.If i give 0% she also giv 0% but still she loves me?I am this possilble?can any one love other without showing 1st response from her end?I am searching & searching but finding no answers?What is the base of a relation,is this time or behavior,if both then which one is storng?I have experienced it too but still finding no answer.I am getting everything from my lover,her body,her time,her every thing but always I have to knock for those,is that love?Have I got her mind actually?What should one do when he feels that he always take 10 steps for his love and on the contrary if he feels that his lover does not feel it or disagree to take 1st step always or his lover always compromises not loves actually?

The total summary is love is not so simple as we think. It is nothing but a complex one. If you feel natural love and be honest then you must endure pain.This is what I experienced and still experiencing.


simple thing to do....just say it.
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