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Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 secrets for success

The five major philosophies that I've been following throughout my life are as follows.These theories according to me are a must to be successful (THE MOST SUCCESSFUL) in life. Of course these are not the lines that I've quoted, I'm not that big of a philosopher yet. They're from different places said by some unknown but valuable gems as philosophers.
Well, they're...................





These are the most inspiring and the most motivating lines I've ever known.And, I've always been very sure for one thing...."Whatever you can think of---YOU can DO that", and this "whatever" includes anything one can think of.
Suppose you have a 100% confidence that you can do whatever you taken up to or thought of, then definitely you can achieve whatever you've aimed for. Being very specific here I want to say that if howsoever you have even a trace of the "NOT GONNA WORK" type of thought anywhwre in your mind then my dear!!! You've lost it like a common man does.
But......if you happen to manage not to think of the negative part SOMEHOW, then, no one, not even GOD will dare to stop you STEP forward the step you've started to take. As an instance, if I can think that I'll pass in a subject in an exam.....and that thought is 100% strong, then, there's 0% chance for me to fail.
This is because whatever a human being is not being able to think of, CANNOT BE DONE.

This means that if a person somehow manages to think that a TIME MACHINE is possible, and if he thinks of it as 100% possible and nowhere in his mind comes (not even .001%) that "it maynot be....", then definitely this means............................


Note: And that 100% confidence in anyone is exactly the perfect and should not be misunderstood as OVERCONFIDENCE

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Expression to Love

We are moving around different spheres related to our capabilities.But have we ever imagined the definition of love?what is love?Why people do love actually?What they do when they are in love?I got some answers experineces through my life.I got hurt when poor peoples are in trouble from childhood.It means i have feelings for them & that is love.But the most difficult love is for opposite sex.If you are true to your love then you must endure pain.Love to opposite sex is nothing but a strong feelings that can't be controlled & full of huge emotions.We need a extremely private one who can share our feelings and who can take care us and so we make love.When we are in love we share feelings,do sex with emotions,we take care each other.Now the thing I wanna tell that I have a one too whom I love tremendously,whom I care extremely.But what I get from her?I get nothing if i don't give anything.If I give 90% she give 10%.If i give 0% she also giv 0% but still she loves me?I am this possilble?can any one love other without showing 1st response from her end?I am searching & searching but finding no answers?What is the base of a relation,is this time or behavior,if both then which one is storng?I have experienced it too but still finding no answer.I am getting everything from my lover,her body,her time,her every thing but always I have to knock for those,is that love?Have I got her mind actually?What should one do when he feels that he always take 10 steps for his love and on the contrary if he feels that his lover does not feel it or disagree to take 1st step always or his lover always compromises not loves actually?

The total summary is love is not so simple as we think. It is nothing but a complex one. If you feel natural love and be honest then you must endure pain.This is what I experienced and still experiencing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an age old discipline which has become very relevant in the modern world. Before we dump it as old fashioned or claim it to be of the spiritual world, fit for only rishis and maharshis, we have to ask ourselves the question What is yoga?
Yoga is not simple physical exercise and one does not have to sweat it out like jogging or push ups. We are going away from this world of rush and hurry when we are on the path of yoga. Yoga brings us back the peace that we have lost in the rat race. It gives us the mental peace that no other practice can give.
We are going after healthy foods, relaxation centres and religious prayers in the hope that they will give us a little peace. Yoga works both externally as well as internally. The exercises of Yoga, when done slowly and gently makes one aware of the 'prana' that flows through us. It is our life-giver, the breath that sustains us.
By controlling this vital breath man can control his mind,his emotions and be free from any worry that beset him. Once we have enjoyed the real fruits of yoga, then nothing in the world can stop us from embracing it forever.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meaning of success

First of all i would say success has different meaning for different people. Every human person has his own definition of success. For some person success means acquiring all the physical luxury of life. For some success means leaving all the physical luxury for the spiritual gain. For some, success means reaching the top post of a multinational & for some it may be helping the most competent man to reach the top post of the same organization. For some success means, living life never compromising on the values & beliefs which they believe in & for some it means breaking all the values & belief for getting whatever they want. List goes on. As far as I am concerned success is not about winning or loosing. It''s also not about getting anything or I would put it more appropriately acquiring anything because i know one hard fact of the law of nature, what is today will not be tomorrow. So for me dear friend success means a temporary phase of ecstasy which regularly comes in short intervals in small phases. Like when i write something & somebody likes it, it’s a success for me. I feel successful when i give some advice to my friend & they get benefit out of it. I feel successful when I find everybody around me accepting injustice for the fear of repercussion & I garner enough courage to resist it. I think success can never be a permanent phase, for everybody it comes in different forms in different times. I have seen lot of my friends cribbing about not very successful in life & I try to explain them DO NOT COUNT SUCCESS AS ONE BIG PERMANENT HAPPENING, COUNT YOUR MOMENTS WHEN YOU WERE HAPPY, WHEN YOU FEEL ELATED, WHEN YOUR HEART WAS FILLED WITH JOY, WHEN YOU FEEL VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACHIEVMENTS HOWEVER LITTLE THEY WERE.The moments of success would be in thousands & feeling of failure will be very few. So with these findings are we all not successful. I think we all are.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Science and Ethics

After the onset of the Modern Age, once modern science began to set in, it did not take long before humanity began to wonder about the ethical responsibilities of scientists towards their discoveries and their derived applications. Many researchers consider science as completely neutral; therefore, scientists cannot be responsible nor should they bear any liability for the technology they create and much less for its application.

On the other hand, some feel scientists are responsible not only as such but also as a segment of the society in which they carry out their work.
Modern science (techno-science) receives constant praise for the benefits it continually provides, whereas neither eventual failures nor harmful applications ever appear to derive from scientific work.

No human activity, not even science, is exempt from ethical responsibilities. Scientists therefore are accountable for each decision they make, more so if freedom exists to select from several options. They should be liable for both the beneficial as well as the harmful consequences.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Brain Dump

This is a conflicting time of the year, one that always baffles me......I find it amazing the amount of people who wait for the New year to resolve to make changes within their lives. Then again many find it strange that I introspect as much as I do. In all honesty I wasn't always so devoted to my well being (elements of the mind and heart melded together). Some would call the time you would take to delve into your psyche a waste...... Years ago I used to dump whatever I was feeling, thinking, rationalizing as deep down inside as I could. I figured if you buried it deep enough, it would stay buried. Unfortunately our humanity doesn't allow us that luxury for long. I ended up having an overload of memories, pain, sorrow - flow into my daily life. Quite frankly there was no more room in the inn upstairs, or within me........My storehouse closed down....almost permanently. I remember doing the resolutions, promising myself the changes I would bring about, the dreams that would finally come true. Perhaps it could be said: I set my goals too high, I dreamed too big, I wasn't ready for life and didn't have a clue where to begin.....the list goes on for excuses and reasons of the pitying sort. The reality is our bodies are not meant to be dumps. We need to feel our pain, our joy, our failures as well as our successes in life. What I'm trying to say is welcome the New Year, but make your life a resolution; not just one day of the year when it seems appropriate. I find these days I clean the cobwebs from the recesses of my mind quite frequently and allow who I am to shine through. I tend to my hopes and dreams like a gardener, I weed the disillusions and distraught from time to time. Yet nourish and water my hopes and love giving it the enrichment it needs to grow. Most importantly I quiet the noise inside my head, so I can listen and truly hear what resides in my heart. So this year my friends , don't let your mind become a dumping ground for who you are. Open up the doors and allow that spirit that is you, see the world through crystal clear eyes and open wounds. We will always find pain and sorrow to be a part of our lives. It's our choice if those are the only things we ever feel. I hope you choose to allow all the love, peace, sincerity, compassion and good will that comes with it as well a room in your inn.......You can never feel too much, love too much, hurt too much, it's a given with your humanity. It's your choice how you live with it, in misery or acceptance.


simple thing to do....just say it.
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