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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Environment - Tips For Saving Energy - Electronics

Before you buy
The computers, monitors, printers and scanners may bear certain symbols (the Eco-label or energyStar, for example) if they are saving energy.
When not being used, a computer with the label is in the way of low consumption. Thus, consumes about 80% less energy than in normal operation.
The TFT displays use much less energy than a traditional model. With the label, you can save about 90% of energy.
If the graphic quality is not essential to the work it does at home, you can opt for ink-jet printers, which spend less than the models Laser and that, moreover, are much cheaper.
Almost all devices have a stand-by mode, but should spend less energy on this modality. It is possible to manufacture electronic devices that consume less than 0.5 Watts in an stand-by or did not even involve any spent.
If you discard is a device that still works, can do√° it to charity organizations or schools.
Before discarding, for example, a computer, you can call the manufacturer and ask if working in a framework of a programme of recovery for recycling. Anyway, in the purchase of new electronic material, the merchant is required to resume the old and reencaminh√° it for dismantling and recycling. It is a service, which can not be charged. The Foundation AMI (International Medical Assistance) containers placed in specific companies, associations, schools and shops for the collection of consumable parts, ink cartridges and toners, and mobile phones, damaged or in disuse. You can also depositing it in ecocentros that accept or at the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

When you are not using a device, rather than leave on stand-by, disconnect it. It is not feasible for certain devices, such as an alarm clock, a fax or a DVD recorder. But it costs you turn off the TV, a printer and equipment. At the end of the year, with this simple gesture, you can save a hundred euros in electricity.
Do not leave the equipment with shippers connected to the mains, having already a full load. Mobile, toothbrush, shaving machines, electric, portable vacuum cleaners, among others, are some examples. To this end, it would be useful if the batteries were always equipped with an indicator of the level of loading.
Avoid printing everything that receives, opting for store some information on the computer. Choose save the documents most commonly used in a folder of easy access or create a favorites list. Instead of making corrections in the paper, accustomed to them directly on the computer.
When you need even to print a document, refer to the "draft" because it is faster and spend less ink. Choose to print on the front and the back of the leaves, if your printer has this option. You can also reuse sheets used, printing new documents on the reverse side.
At the end of the day or when not to use the computer for a period exceeding two hours, unplug it. Contrary to what some people think, turn on and off many times the computer does not damage the machine and allows save energy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heart Attacks :Causes And Effects

Heart Attacks: Cause And Effects Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to know, at each stage of one''s life, what diseases or dangers one faces. Infants, for example, are extremely susceptible to colds because their immune systems are not fully developed. Children under the age of 10 have a very high chance of getting the chicken pox. Men and women between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five are at high risk of becoming infected with HIV/AIDS. Adults over the age of forty become increasingly at risk for having a heart attack. Since February is American Heart Month, I thought this would be an excellent time to research some of the causes and effects of heart attacks.

A heart Attack is caused by the build-up of fatty substances, cholesterol, calcium and other substances that make up plaque. plaque can begin to build up within the inner linings of the larger arteries of the body in childhood, but it takes much longer, usually thirty years or more, for the build-up to escalate to dangerous levels. This process of plaque build-up is called atherosclerosis, a process which is quickened by having high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes or especially by smoking. Over time the build-up of plaque severely limits the flow of blood to the heart, specifically to the myocardium, the middle layer of the wall of the heart (the outer layer is called the epicardium, and the inner layer is the endocardium). The myocardium is the main muscle which allows blood to flow in and out. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, "the medical term for a heart attack is myocardial infarction." Because less blood is getting through to the heart, oxygen, which is carried within the blood cells, also becomes limited. If one or more artery (arteries) becomes completely blocked, a heart attack follows. If immediate treatment, usually surgery to clear up the arteries, is not administered, the muscles of the heart become permanently injured, causing the patient to die or become disabled. A heart attack can, less frequently than by the complete blocking of the arteries, also be caused by a severe spasm or tightening of the coronary artery, which temporarily cuts off blood flow from the heart. While causes of artery spasms are not widely agreed upon, it is believed that they may be caused by smoking cigarettes, heightened stress, or by taking certain illegal drugs like cocaine. Warning signs of a heart attack are varied and usually do not precede an attack by more than five minutes, so it is necessary to act quickly. Some such warning signs are prolonged or recurring (over the time period of a few minutes) discomfort or irritation in the chest or arms, shortness of breath, which is usually proceeded by the afore-mentioned discomfort, or a feeling of being lightheaded. Treatments for heart attacks vary depending on severity of the condition and how far in advance the condition was discovered. Most common is an angioplasty procedure, which is when a small tube is placed inside an artery in order to reinstate and facilitate blood flow to the heart. Medications likewise vary from case to case, but most commonly, beta blockers are given to patients to, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, "decrease the workload on your heart ... to prevent additional heart attacks."A new treatment is emerging now for preventing heart attacks years before they start. In November 2003, Dr. Eric Topol of the Cleveland Clinic and his team of scientists were able to locate the first gene known to directly cause heart attacks. This discovery was found with the help of an Iowan family, the Steffensens, which had suffered from heart attacks for generations. Out of ten siblings, nine had their first heart attack between the ages of 59 and 62, and many have had more than one heart attack. And the one sibling exempt from the heart attacks was found not to have the gene. This particular gene "creates weak artery walls", which make heart attacks a practical guarantee. And now that the gene has been identified, it can be isolated and prevented from spreading.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Is The Love?

Love is regarded as a set of attitudes, behaviors and responses unconditional and selfless, manifested among intelligent beings capable of developing their reciprocity. Much of the emotional quality individuals, will be closely linked to elements of culture, education and religious and environmental influences also has been developed where the person. Love is not only confined to the human race, which is a rational response, but also to all those people who can develop emotional ties with another, as is the case with the animals usually associates the word with romantic love, a passionate relationship between couples with a significant influence on their interpersonal relationships and sex. But the term also applies to various other relationships, such as love or platonic love family, and also more broadly speaking of love for God, nature, humanity as a whole which is often associated with empathy , and others in most cases means great affection for something that causes pleasure or happiness for those who perform the action of love. Philosophically, it is generally thought that love is the only sentiment that has no polarity, as is the case with the concepts of peace, or war, popularly contrasted avoided or rejected, with attitudes of contempt or selfishness. In the monotheistic religious culture, love is mentioned and be supported by God, as in the case of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. In the Bible, especially in the New Testament presents a definition of love as the culture of the times: The feeling known as love is not just a simple biological response, but a concept of cultural burden that is ordinary polysemic (has many meanings) hence it is difficult to explain in precise terms. But from the point of view of biology, which is sometimes called love hormone seems to be the answer as a means for the survival of individuals and the species. If preservation is the most important biological purpose, it is logical that the human race will confer a sense of love and transcendent very high, which contributes to the retention of emotional ties. But some people seem to exist in terms of what is called "love" that are not directly related to survival. Sexual relations with individuals of the same gender as homosexuality or lesbianism, or intimate relationships only for pleasure, examples are not unique to the human species. Altruistic behaviors observed from individuals of a species to the other, as the relationship between ancient man and the dog are an example of feelings unrelated to reproduction. Some biologists try to explain such behavior in terms of cooperation for the survival or exceptional behaviors insubstantial. From the years 1990 psychiatrists, anthropologists and biologists have begun to find significant relationship between the levels of hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin with states emotional or sexual attraction, love and love stable. Undoubtedly points are controversial, emotional define a relationship that begins with a simple friendship deepens and then beyond, opening the floodgates of marriage, privacy, or admiration that in many cases turns out to be more of the physical that sentimental But those couples in some cases with bipolar disorder remain for long periods in their relations.

Monday, March 24, 2008

How To Identify The Job You Like

But is it easy to now whether you will like the job offered to you?

You can seek professional advice to chose your line of specialization in the university. You can, by understanding your past performance and experiences, decide what you like and what you do not.
Or if one who has a talent for singing has to work as an engineer?
Say one with who is a genius with numbers end up teaching a language!

I enjoy reading, writing and speaking, but I went also to study engineering and worked for years as an engineer. Hence I did not succeed either as an engineer or as a writer or speaker. There has been no focus in my life and I have never enjoyed what I do. I can escape by saying that I had no one to guide me or that I was so poor that I had to chose
A subject which would ensure a decent job.
But there is no meaning in thinking or saying like this. One can get a decent job (read income) in any line. It is absolutely important to choose what you will enjoy. There is no second life to live in what you like.

Let this not happen to those who read this. See that you do what you enjoy ( may be it requires a good choice by trial and error, but once you land in something you like stick there irrespective of the other negatives.

Who is your enemy?

Normally you feel there are so many enemies for you. That there so many out there who
wants to harm you. You feel that whatever you do, they will say bad about you and try to see that you fail everywhere.
But who is your real enemy?
The one whom you consider your enemy is your real enemy. You do not believe?
Your enmity and hostility is understood by your adversary.
Your internal communications, body physiology, thoughts and attitudes convey enmity.

They are easily picked up by the subconscious mind of your so-called enemy. As a result, he will feel hostility towards you. And, they start behaving to you in a hostile way. This, in turn, picked up by your subconscious mind and you become more inimical. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Irrespective what the other one shows or behaves if you forgive him sincerely and make up with him mentally and see him as a friend in your mind and shake hand sincerely, and assume a friendly body language, he will be your friend before soon. If you show enmity in your face or body language nothing you say or do will matter. But if you take him as a friend both in mind and body he will be your friend very soon

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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