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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Morals in Life

Are you aware of the headlines in the newspapers. Do you find it fascinating because of the gossip and the excitement. Famous teenagers drug addicts , some of them so thin ,but no one see that there is something wrong with that picture, no one see the cry for help behind the money or the nasty attitudes , they just see people that is looking for publicity. Marriages in Hollywood nothing , you can marry today divorce in minutes, it was for fun or it was a sudden moment of madness.

No one realize that our morals are flushed down the toilets , because famous people are doing it, it must be the in thing besides I am a nobody so who am I to pass judgement. That is the biggest mistake that we make in life. Marriages used to be sacred between a wife and her husband who made a commitment infront of God and to one another. Now however there is nothing wrong , with keeping someone on the side and stay married.What is happening to all the things that was sacred to us. When you get pregnant it is easy for some people , either addoption or abortion , why would we kill another human being , that is helpless who had no choice in the matter when conceived, there are so many women who would give anything to have a baby like that, hold them love them.

Women used to be treated with respect now, they are being treated as tramps .Why we ask? . Where do men get ideas like that, oh yes it is in the magazines, the breast of women hanging out, it almost touches the floor. The clothing only enough material to cover the most important areas , and let''s not forget the newest trend , no more wearing panties at all. That is part of the problem ,because now women are labeled easy and they can get rape ,worser even babies , in South-Africa. Why don''t we as women speak out and say enough is enough, we are not all the same.

Let''s not forget the silent cries of those who told that when they are abused molested, by friends ,family members even parents ,what is happening the world is becoming one sick place to live in.Why are we so busy that we can not notice things like that do something about it. But no it is not our problem, we have our own so let''s look the other way, they can solve the problems.

Television, need I say more , where are the shows with morals, who helped the normal guy like me on the street, make me believe that anything is possible. The shows that made you laugh , when you need it , give you inspiration ,where characters face the problems that you have, but find a way of solving it, and you think hey that was me. Now instead people are portrayed as oversex animals , with bush manners, give each other the eye and have sex, hey they teach us to forget about illnesses such as Aids or any diseases that can be transmitted trough sex.

Morals are we so blinded by everything that glitters and includes a lot of money, that even a monkey look beautiful when we know , that it is ugly as hell. Some of us still care , but the majority does not, do you see a future because I don''t . I can only see a future where everything is wrong becames right and you know what, when you do not agree you will be the odd one out, and be stoned for it.

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