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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Is The Love?

Love is regarded as a set of attitudes, behaviors and responses unconditional and selfless, manifested among intelligent beings capable of developing their reciprocity. Much of the emotional quality individuals, will be closely linked to elements of culture, education and religious and environmental influences also has been developed where the person. Love is not only confined to the human race, which is a rational response, but also to all those people who can develop emotional ties with another, as is the case with the animals usually associates the word with romantic love, a passionate relationship between couples with a significant influence on their interpersonal relationships and sex. But the term also applies to various other relationships, such as love or platonic love family, and also more broadly speaking of love for God, nature, humanity as a whole which is often associated with empathy , and others in most cases means great affection for something that causes pleasure or happiness for those who perform the action of love. Philosophically, it is generally thought that love is the only sentiment that has no polarity, as is the case with the concepts of peace, or war, popularly contrasted avoided or rejected, with attitudes of contempt or selfishness. In the monotheistic religious culture, love is mentioned and be supported by God, as in the case of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. In the Bible, especially in the New Testament presents a definition of love as the culture of the times: The feeling known as love is not just a simple biological response, but a concept of cultural burden that is ordinary polysemic (has many meanings) hence it is difficult to explain in precise terms. But from the point of view of biology, which is sometimes called love hormone seems to be the answer as a means for the survival of individuals and the species. If preservation is the most important biological purpose, it is logical that the human race will confer a sense of love and transcendent very high, which contributes to the retention of emotional ties. But some people seem to exist in terms of what is called "love" that are not directly related to survival. Sexual relations with individuals of the same gender as homosexuality or lesbianism, or intimate relationships only for pleasure, examples are not unique to the human species. Altruistic behaviors observed from individuals of a species to the other, as the relationship between ancient man and the dog are an example of feelings unrelated to reproduction. Some biologists try to explain such behavior in terms of cooperation for the survival or exceptional behaviors insubstantial. From the years 1990 psychiatrists, anthropologists and biologists have begun to find significant relationship between the levels of hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin with states emotional or sexual attraction, love and love stable. Undoubtedly points are controversial, emotional define a relationship that begins with a simple friendship deepens and then beyond, opening the floodgates of marriage, privacy, or admiration that in many cases turns out to be more of the physical that sentimental But those couples in some cases with bipolar disorder remain for long periods in their relations.


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