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Monday, March 24, 2008

How To Identify The Job You Like

But is it easy to now whether you will like the job offered to you?

You can seek professional advice to chose your line of specialization in the university. You can, by understanding your past performance and experiences, decide what you like and what you do not.
Or if one who has a talent for singing has to work as an engineer?
Say one with who is a genius with numbers end up teaching a language!

I enjoy reading, writing and speaking, but I went also to study engineering and worked for years as an engineer. Hence I did not succeed either as an engineer or as a writer or speaker. There has been no focus in my life and I have never enjoyed what I do. I can escape by saying that I had no one to guide me or that I was so poor that I had to chose
A subject which would ensure a decent job.
But there is no meaning in thinking or saying like this. One can get a decent job (read income) in any line. It is absolutely important to choose what you will enjoy. There is no second life to live in what you like.

Let this not happen to those who read this. See that you do what you enjoy ( may be it requires a good choice by trial and error, but once you land in something you like stick there irrespective of the other negatives.

Who is your enemy?

Normally you feel there are so many enemies for you. That there so many out there who
wants to harm you. You feel that whatever you do, they will say bad about you and try to see that you fail everywhere.
But who is your real enemy?
The one whom you consider your enemy is your real enemy. You do not believe?
Your enmity and hostility is understood by your adversary.
Your internal communications, body physiology, thoughts and attitudes convey enmity.

They are easily picked up by the subconscious mind of your so-called enemy. As a result, he will feel hostility towards you. And, they start behaving to you in a hostile way. This, in turn, picked up by your subconscious mind and you become more inimical. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Irrespective what the other one shows or behaves if you forgive him sincerely and make up with him mentally and see him as a friend in your mind and shake hand sincerely, and assume a friendly body language, he will be your friend before soon. If you show enmity in your face or body language nothing you say or do will matter. But if you take him as a friend both in mind and body he will be your friend very soon


simple thing to do....just say it.
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