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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Environment - Tips For Saving Energy - Electronics

Before you buy
The computers, monitors, printers and scanners may bear certain symbols (the Eco-label or energyStar, for example) if they are saving energy.
When not being used, a computer with the label is in the way of low consumption. Thus, consumes about 80% less energy than in normal operation.
The TFT displays use much less energy than a traditional model. With the label, you can save about 90% of energy.
If the graphic quality is not essential to the work it does at home, you can opt for ink-jet printers, which spend less than the models Laser and that, moreover, are much cheaper.
Almost all devices have a stand-by mode, but should spend less energy on this modality. It is possible to manufacture electronic devices that consume less than 0.5 Watts in an stand-by or did not even involve any spent.
If you discard is a device that still works, can do√° it to charity organizations or schools.
Before discarding, for example, a computer, you can call the manufacturer and ask if working in a framework of a programme of recovery for recycling. Anyway, in the purchase of new electronic material, the merchant is required to resume the old and reencaminh√° it for dismantling and recycling. It is a service, which can not be charged. The Foundation AMI (International Medical Assistance) containers placed in specific companies, associations, schools and shops for the collection of consumable parts, ink cartridges and toners, and mobile phones, damaged or in disuse. You can also depositing it in ecocentros that accept or at the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

When you are not using a device, rather than leave on stand-by, disconnect it. It is not feasible for certain devices, such as an alarm clock, a fax or a DVD recorder. But it costs you turn off the TV, a printer and equipment. At the end of the year, with this simple gesture, you can save a hundred euros in electricity.
Do not leave the equipment with shippers connected to the mains, having already a full load. Mobile, toothbrush, shaving machines, electric, portable vacuum cleaners, among others, are some examples. To this end, it would be useful if the batteries were always equipped with an indicator of the level of loading.
Avoid printing everything that receives, opting for store some information on the computer. Choose save the documents most commonly used in a folder of easy access or create a favorites list. Instead of making corrections in the paper, accustomed to them directly on the computer.
When you need even to print a document, refer to the "draft" because it is faster and spend less ink. Choose to print on the front and the back of the leaves, if your printer has this option. You can also reuse sheets used, printing new documents on the reverse side.
At the end of the day or when not to use the computer for a period exceeding two hours, unplug it. Contrary to what some people think, turn on and off many times the computer does not damage the machine and allows save energy.

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