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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Measures to Reduce Global Warming

Global warming is a serious natural threat all living species face today. However efforts are being made all over the globe to reduce its effects on all living creature. Some of them are listed below: We should encourage everyone to adopt them in our daily lives.

a. Solar aid

Use solar energy and conserve the environment.

A project has been introduced to promote solar power in remote communities, reducing their dependency on wood and charcoal and giving them an income.

Under this project people will test a new solar powered water pump that will allow families to access clean water for drinking, washing and irrigation.

Poor communities in Malawi use kerosene for lighting, which is highly toxic. This project will introduce clean, affordable solar lighting into rural homes.

This project will create jobs for the poorest people in Tanzania, and bring solar power to local communities and school children.

b. Save Coastal trees

Sempervirens Fund

They aim in preserving natural character of California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. Trees are grown to bloom and no destruction is encouraged. Donations form a part of the financial requirements.

c. Controlled Industrialization

Industrialization has helped develop the entire world but now the extent of this revolution is harming life and nature. Countries resorting to industrial growth should do so in a controlled manner.

d. Education

Children are computer savvy today. They enjoy games and sports that educate them about global warming issues along with entertaining them. Kids are fully aware of the harmful effects of this problem and are taught how to reduce them. The cartoons and animated characters, which the kids look up to guide them through the issue.

Moreover, the air pollution control efforts are further deteriorating the conditions of global warming. A universal effort is the immediate answer’ to this condition.

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Imelda said...

Yes, the world needs to address the problem on global warming lest we end up becoming extinct like the dinosaurs.


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