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Friday, July 25, 2008

Are You Really Angry Now?

Anger is one of the most common emotions shown by a human being.Losing temper can be because of a number of reasons.The exact definition of anger can not be provided in few words because it depends upon the environment either physcological or behavioural.If you are angry ,control yourself and think what are you going to do ?Sometimes anger could be our dangerous enemy.For instance, we have heard that anger took lives of many people.Its a momentary factor spreading through our neurons in the activation process of brain. So anger can be disastrous,it is already proved that losing temper is harmful to health.It damages the normal functioning of various nerves and decreases the quality of blood pressures.So,try your best not to lose your temper for minor reasons.

Take it easy ....always remember that.Without any specific reason many people easily loses temper..think once again it can be the symptoms of various mental problems or high blood pressure or even the periodic causes of some diseases.Its a common phenomena to be angry but if you are alert about the matter yourself ,plenty of complex problems can be solved without any difficulty.

Thus never loose your temper but if you do some early precautions are here to minimize or prevent your anger:

* Make a reverse count ,for instance,10 to 1 or 100 to 1 according the measure of anger and the reasons to be angry.

* Take a deep breathe 2 to 3 times and make yourself relief physically and mentally.

* Go in open air and stroll for a while.

* Who is the responsible of your anger,forget about it and try to figure out, how he or she helped you or did great things to you on past times.

* Think positive immediately about the factor that is responsible for your anger.

* Wash your face with cold water,splash water on your eyes.

* Drink cold drink or your favourite drinks.

* Make sure was there any fault of yours?Try to figure out the reason of your anger.

* Be cool and calm.

* Smile first ,then laugh..forget about the incident.

* Do not throw things or smash nearby stuffs during your anger period.

* Never harm others physically or call bad words,neither yell.

* Make a conclusion that you are normal and try to patch up the disputes.

* Vow ,you'll not be a angry person now in future.

* If still you couldn't make yourself cool,take a shower and make all of your anger flow away.

* Make yourself fresh and listen soft music,think about flowing springs,green forests and chirping birds.

* Play with kids,try to find out the meaning of their innocent ,beautiful smile.

* Take a sleep for few hours.

* Now also if you are feeling uneasy and your anger is raising its level,visit some psychiatrist soon.


simple thing to do....just say it.
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