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Friday, May 30, 2008

Make Money FAST and EASY.

When I saw the movie and the fact that it cost ONLY $10 a month, I was amazed.

I had been looking for a network opportunity for the last several years that I could get excited about. I wanted an opportunity that provided valuable benefits to the distributors and is affordable for the masses.

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Global Domain International

I received a call from my sponsor because he had received an email from me promoting a different opportunity, and he took the time to call me, ask what I was doing, and then provided me with his link to .WS which I viewed right away. When I saw the movie and the fact it costs only $10 a month, I was amazed. I immediately registered for the free trial and went to work. I finished my first 30 days with 102 people, and am more excited today than I was when I first saw the opportunity. I have found my business grows in direct proportion to the number of people that watch the movie. Therefore, I ask a lot of people each day to watch the movie and give me their opinion. About 50% of those that watch the movie join the business. Thanks to GDI management for the finest opportunity on the internet today.

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Global Domain International

Promotional Tip:

The real secret to success with GDI is to treat it like a business.
There might be a tendency to not work it hard because it only cost $10 a month. I treat my business like its a million dollar business because I believe it is.

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Global Domain International

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