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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Save a Coin From Your Shopping

Money is hard to come by, majority of people in the third world survive on less than a dollar per day. Poor living standards and lack of jobs has seen a good number of professionals moving away from their countries in search of greener pasture overseas. It is however appropriate for individuals to learn a few tricks on how to safely utilize their hard earned money.

Just as the saying goes “you wont have problem with your dollar if you can save the coin”. Unplanned shopping may just drain one out of a long time savings.

Several financial institutions have come up with credit and debit cards to help their clients use money which they may not have at the moment. Depending on the banking institution, credit card attracts an interest rate. According to experts the cards are convenient and helps one when broke but it is advisable to avoid it when shopping “it may lure one to do unnecessary shopping” studies indicate that people tend to spend more money when shopping on credit than on cash.

When doing a monthly, weekly or annual shopping, one should draw a budget stating with the most urgently needed items, “ any extra money left should be channeled to other luxurious activities” it is proper to keep receipts from the supermarket for future reference.

In order to save more money from shopping, always draw a list before stepping into the market, avoid temptations and buy only what had earlier been planned for. In most supermarkets, temptations to indulge in impulse buying is high, “some goods like chocolate, sweet, pen and batteries are strategically placed at the pay counter to lure unsuspecting customers'. It is advisable to do comparison in various shops to check out on the prices.

Knowing what various shops offer enable one to identify where to get a particular product at an affordable rate, like in the stock market, shoppers should buy goods needed in bulk when the prices are low, 'to household items like furniture and electronics buying when there is an offer or auction helps in saving a coin”

Large stores order for their stock in bulk, they therefore get discount from their suppliers, such stores are known for offering goods at a reduced price, “it is important to know some of the employees in a supermarket at a personal level, “they may provide an information on goods which are available on offer”. Always avoid widely advertised goods they may have hidden side effects.

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