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Monday, June 2, 2008

Have the Perfect Man or Perfect Women?

Believe what the perfect man, or the perfect women no have. To some mans the wonen is some difficut of understand. He said what the women is strange. Have topics very important to she, what no are to we. But, believe what the opposing too happen. To me, the perfectly is in eye of who see. No believe what duty search the '''' perfect man'''' to married, but the our perfect man. To some women is very important what the man be kind and romantic. But, belive what duty search our right man (romantic and kind man have too). Although the important to an couple is what learn respect and love , because the together of marriage never is same at time of relationship and engagement, she is very difficult when appear the problem. Every have hand without lose your person or your be, but adapt one the another. Believe what every we duty search the "our perfect man" to be happy whit the love man.

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